A new venture

Global health has long been our passion. But, with the world changing and polarising, it seemed to us that Policy Cures could use our advocacy skills to have a bigger impact. We’re used to talking to drug companies, governments, aid workers and health experts and finding ways to get them on the same page. Could we get more Australians talking to each other across their dividing lines?

We spent most of 2019 looking at polarisation in Australia and overseas, and how we could help address it. And we decided that a good place to start would be to have less talks and more listens.

The result is The Milking Stool – a live interview series launched in early 2020. At The Milking Stool, we interview three speakers with highly divergent views on a topic. But, instead of pitting them against each other or trying to work out who’s right – we (and you!) get to just listen to very interesting people talk about what they think and why. And then we all get to talk about it afterwards over dinner, drinks or mezze. Audiences loved it, and we hope you will too.

See www.milkingstool.org for updates and events.