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After 14 years, Policy Cures is separating into two organisations. Policy Cures, led by Dr Mary Moran, will continue to provide strategic analysis, expert advice and advocacy to improve global health R&D. Policy Cures Research, led by Dr Nick Chapman, will conduct research and policy projects including the annual G-FINDER reports please see The two organisations will continue to collaborate closely, to ensure that the evidence-based data and information generated by Policy Cures Research can be rapidly deployed as analysis, advice and advocacy by Policy Cures.

Thank you for your support over the past 14 years. We hope to continue supporting your needs and those of patients in the developing world for many years to come.


February 2016: A comprehensive picture of the global R&D pipeline for neglected diseases is now available online

Policy Cures is pleased to announce the publication of the first comprehensive picture of the neglected disease R&D pipeline since 2012. This online resource is the result of in-depth research and consultation by Policy Cures conducted in late 2015, and provides a snapshot of the global neglected disease product pipeline as at October 2015.

By providing an overview of the current landscape of neglected disease R&D activity, including which candidates are in the pipeline and at what stage, who is involved in their development, and where the gaps are, we hope to provide funders, product developers, policy makers and others in the global health community with the information they need for informed decision-making and analysis.

You can view the full neglected disease R&D pipeline by clicking on the thumbnail above, or by following the link here.


December 2015: Eighth annual G-FINDER survey report released

A new report gives the first ever picture of global investment in Ebola R&D, reporting that this investment might have come at the expense of efforts to develop drugs, vaccines and diagnostics for other neglected diseases, which collectively cause more than six million deaths every year in developing countries.

The eighth annual G-FINDER report, released today, found that $3.4bn was invested in neglected disease R&D in 2014. It also found that new funding for Ebola R&D mobilised in response to the 2014 West African Ebola outbreak was entirely responsible for the $150m increase in neglected disease R&D funding in 2014, with funding for all other neglected diseases essentially unchanged (down $14m, or 0.4%).

The report found that a total of $165m was invested in Ebola R&D in 2014, more than for any other neglected disease except HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis (TB) and diarrhoeal diseases. Most of this funding came from the US Government, whose $101m contribution represented 86% of all public funding for Ebola R&D in 2014... more

G-FINDER Report 2011

What partners are saying about G-FINDER:

"Over the years G-finder has made itself the most relevant tool to acknowledge improvement on innovation. From the perspective of an Institute devoted to Global Health, G-Finder has become a daily tool of reference. Today, however, when economic resources from rich countries are scarce, it becomes not only a reference on innovation, but also a very useful guide for donors and governments to see that the good science to bridge the gap is working, and change is possible."

- Rafael Vilasanjuan, Director, Think Tank, Barcelona Institute for Global Health, IS Global – Barcelona

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